About Spacey

Making Space Accesible for Everyone

Spacey is a startup space company dedicated to bringing space closer to the public. Spacey was formed in 2015 with the goal of building open-source telescopes and satellites for popular astronomical purposes. Spacey's Telescopes have already won several awards and have been featured on Atlanta Tech Spotlights, The University of Georgia , Tumblr, NPR Radio Broadcast, TEDx Talk, Major League Hacking . You can learn more by reading our press kit .

For The Astronomy Enthusiasts

Spacey Sciences specializes in providing end-users with a network of innovative, accessible, and customizable remote telescopes that are easy to operate. Our product provides a unique astronomy experience by connecting the explorations of astronomy enthusiasts and fostering their collaboration.

For Teachers and Educators

Spacey Sciences provides educators with a way to more fully engage students in science. Our easy-to-use technology gives teachers and students the opportunity to explore our universe in real-time with remote operated telescopes. We help create a network of classrooms that facilitates the exchange of new discoveries while empowering students to make discoveries of their own. Students can learn in an environment that successfully integrates education, science and technology.

For The Family

Spacey Sciences will help encourage your child’s intellectual development while facilitating fun, healthy, and enlightening exploration. Our easy-to-use, remote-operated telescopes allows your child to explore their curiosity and learn as much as they want in a constructive way. Our product captures your child’s attention by giving them access to a unique experience that they can share with friends and family.

The Spacey Smart Telescope

Spacey is building a line of Smart Telescopes for Popular and Scientific applications. We want to empower you to view space with the best technologies possible.

Revolutionary Design

Remote Operation and Observation

The Spacey Smart Telescope is designed from the ground up to be the most advanced consumer telescope on the market. We guarantee that no other telescope will have Spacey's level of functionality.

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Specialized Software

Made for Observation

Our Software allows you to access your telescope from anywhere in the world. You can user your telescope, edit your images, and share your discoveries on our website. We provide you with the tools that you need to go far!

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A Family of Telescopes

Due to the scalability of our systems we will be able to make several lines of telescopes. We can distribute our telescopes across the planet to allow you and your friends to access space whenever you want.

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The Spacey CubeSats

Spacey builds CubeSats for research institutions and the public. We give the public direct access to space by letting our users crowd fund thier CubeSats. You control the CubeSat, we build it and manage it for you!

3U Design

Reliable and Versitile

The 3U CubeSat has the perfect balance of scalability, cost-effectiness, and engineering versatility. 3U's are quickly becoming the most popular type of cubesat and Spacey is going to bring this to everyone!

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Solar and Optics

Made for Observation

The Spacey Satellites are designed for Earth oberservation. With Multispectral Imagers, our satellites offer revolutionary access to space for citizen scientists and research institutions.

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Internal Flexablility

Linux and Pumpkin Boards

Spacey uses the best hardware and software on the market to make our CubeSats succeed. NASA's Core Flight Software, the Linux Kernel, and Pumpkin's boards all are part of what make Spacey Sats so reliable.

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The Squad

Caleb Adams
Founder & Lead Developer

NASA Flight Systems Developer, Famous Astronomy Blogger, and Award Winning Hacker

Kenny Cochran
Co-Founder & Strategies Leader

Business Bad Ass, Fiscal Wizard, and Pitch Delivery Expert

Hollis Neel
Co-Founder & Structure Designer

Knot Theory Researcher, CAD Extraordinaire, and 3D Printing Master

Khoa Ngo
Co-Founder & Lead Engineer

Components Expert, Systems Engineering Super-Star, and Avid Drone Builder

Helena Bales
Co-Founder & Open Source Leader

Github Boss, GNU/Linux Wizard, and Casual Rails Expert

Ryan Babaie
Co-Founder & Lead Physicist

Microsystems Master, Deliverer of Drivers, and Python Scripting Expert